Alyssa menold box art with logo ks final

Box art with graphic design.

Alyssa menold box art

Box art for Labyrinthos.

Alyssa menold box art process

Process for box art.

Alyssa menold alltogethernow

Designs for the character cardboard stands. The unique patterns on their clothes were designed by Ali Prater.

Alyssa menold 830b1760de78cde5296cbf27d11b62be originalshorter3

Tiles in motion--each tile needed to be symmetrical on all sides so it would match up with neighboring tiles.

Alyssa menold 5ae02b80de03c954208909f07d2fbf1a original

Tile being flipped and positioned.

Alyssa menold tiles2

An overview of the tile types I made for the game. There were 79 tiles in all.

Alyssa menold 515d45b1594f7d8496e6388a5c60091b original
Alyssa menold cards

The pattern on the back of the card was designed by Ali Prater. I painted the Minotaur breaking through, and designed the little illustrations for the card backs.


Artwork for the the board game Labyrinthos ( Art directed by Lindsey Rode, graphic design by Ali Prater.

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